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Anime summer season 2015

June 29, 2015

Am looking forward to the new anime season, there’s a few series that I can hardly wait to watch as well as a surprising number of other new shows that are labelled as slice-of-life genre series, so looks like I may be in for a real treat!

にゃんぱす! Topping my list of must-see anime this summer is “Non Non Biyori Repeat”, the second season of the absolutely adorable and enchanting series based on the manga by Natto. While many slice-of-life shows usually also shift towards other genre elements, especially comedy, “Non Non Biyori” is one of those few shows you could label as a pure slice-of-life anime. While it does have comedy and heartwarming moments, in its truest form it is pure slice-of-life bliss.


Another show am very much looking forward to is “Working!!!”, the third season of the hilarious workplace centric comedy adapted from the manga by Takatsu Karino who also created the equally funny office comedy “Servant x Service”. “Working!!!” is guaranteed to deliver tons of humor thanks to its quirky characters, silly situations and funny hopeless romantic shenanigans.

Hard to believe it has been a year since “Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei!” aired back in the summer of 2014. This summer we will get the sequel “Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei Herz!” which actually is the third season of the ‘Prisma Illya’ franchise’s anime adaptation. Adored the first two seasons of this spin-off from the ‘Fate’ universe full of comedy, magical girl action and plenty of cute girls.

Liked the first “The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls”, so will definitely watch the second season, especially considering I enjoyed the ‘Cinderella Girls’ anime more than the original “The iDOLM@STER” show. Am looking forward to seeing Rin, Uzuki, Ranko and all the other girls from 346 Pro again.

Returning to slice-of-life series, there’s actually three such anime with short length episodes that I plan to try, “Danchigai”, “Wakaba*Girl” and “Okusama ga Seitokaicho!”.
While “Okusama ga Seitokaicho!” looks like it might be a harem comedy with some ecchi moments instead of a real slice-of-life school comedy, “Danchigai” and “Wakaba*Girl” look like they will be adorable and funny school centric slice-of-life comedies.


There’s plenty of other series I plan to sample, like “Gakkou Gurashi!” the plot premise of a group of girls staying over at school and suddenly finding themselves the last survivors of a zombie attack sounds quite good, especially considering the trailer promises it will be a cute, less serious show than other zombie anime like “Highschool of the Dead”.

Another show with a school based setting am going to try is “Classroom☆Crisis”. While the promotional videos haven’t shown much actual episode footage, its setting of taking place on the colonized planet Mars in the near future sounds like it could be an entertaining but not overly serious science fiction show.

“Sore ga Seiyuu!” looks interesting too, adapted from the yonkoma manga drawn by Hata Kenjiro, who also created “Hayate no Gotoku!”, this comedy will be all about the adventures of several voice actresses in the anime industry.

Plan to also add a few action shows to my weekly watch list. Definitely will try “Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite Kaku Tatakaeri”, the promotional video of this military action anime about the JDF venturing out into an alternate medieval world full of magic and monsters through a mysterious gateway looked really promising. The synopsis makes it sound similar to “Outbreak Company” but more military oriented instead.


Will also watch “God Eater”, the promotional video for this anime based on the Playstation role-playing game looked terrific. Considering studio ufotable who created the excellent animation each week for “Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works” is at the helm, the action scenes are likely to be visually stunning.

Another series might sample is “Gangsta.”, for some reason the dark atmosphere and cutthroat action shown in the promotional video for this crime themed anime reminded me of “Black Lagoon”. If this show turns out to be anything close to that masterpiece, then it will definitely be worth to watch.

Although I am trying to curb my expectations and prepare for the worst, will sample “Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou”. While it is likely going to be a shallow harem comedy anime rife with ecchi scenes like the original manga which I occasionally read for a few quick laughs at its classic ecchi gags, am unsure it will be successfully translated from manga into anime form.

There are a few other shows that piqued my interest, like “Akagami no Shirayuki-hime”, “Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai” and “Charlotte” but will have to see if I can free enough time to watch them.

What’s on your anime watch list for summer?

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