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July 20, 2015

Wanted to watch “Classroom☆Crisis” because the science-fiction story setting of this anime original project sounded quite promising.

Taking place in a future where mankind has colonized most planets in our solar system, this anime deals with the challenges faced by a class of elite students whose privileged status and unlimited budget to develop cutting edge rocket engines are threatened when their new director intends to disband their division.

Considering the ‘students working for a mega-corporation’ angle, should have suspected the corporate element would be more prevalent compared to the science-fiction and school shenanigans. Expected “Classroom☆Crisis” to be lighthearted, focusing on the students’ silly antics and adventurous flights in space, like “Mouretsu! Pirates”.


However, its focus on the corporate scheming along with the characterization of the various corporate employees and executives versus the students, often makes this show feel like it is taking itself too seriously.

Although the typical comedy found in most anime is present, it feels offbeat and usually fails to brighten up the atmosphere, making this show come across as if someone threw in the heavy political and corporate machinations found in the average Gundam anime into a typical school anime.

From the first episode on it seems clear that the creators intend for “Classroom☆Crisis” to be an anime featuring its characters overcoming challenges and hardships, undoubtedly with a sense of justice and youthful liberty which the students represent, but I wonder if the plot writers didn’t bite off more than they could chew considering the odds the students are up against.
Then again, unbelievable reversals and impossible wins is what anime is all about, isn’t it?

Don’t know it I will keep watching this show, but for those of you who are interested in “Classroom☆Crisis”, you can watch it on Crunchyroll.

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