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Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow 3: Arnhem no Hashi

August 5, 2015

Just watched the final episode of the “Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow” OAV. Released in theaters across Japan earlier in May, this third installment is titled “Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow 3: Arnhem no Hashi” and focuses on Perrine and Lynette.

The story starts in Perrine’s home in Gallia, where she, Lynette and Amelie work to improve the life of the locals struggling to rebuild their homes now that the witches liberated the region. Scheduled to move to a new base near Arnhem from where they will try to reclaim more territory from the Neurio invaders, Perinne and Lynette are swept up in the rescue of a sick little girl and her mischievous older brother.


Where throughout most of the anime, Perrine is usually portrayed as the typical haughty tsundere and her infatuation with Mio always a source for comical relief, it was refreshing to see her character fleshed out more. Felt the episode focused far less on Lynette, although she was portrayed as a reliable comrade and confident fighter, which affirms her character progression.

Although there was a brief epilogue scene showing Eila and Sanya, it is a shame there is no additional OVA episode scheduled about these two, especially considering Yoshika and Mio were featured in various cameo scenes.

Thoroughly enjoyed the “Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow” series, especially how it focused on various witches and their respective adventures before they all reunited in the movie story line, hence bridging the gap between the second anime season and the movie plot.

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