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Kantoku C88 doujin ‘Check My Idol’

August 26, 2015

Where Kantoku’s C87 book ‘Colors’ was rather different from the artist’s usual Comiket releases with its full page illustrations that emphasized the landscape and atmosphere in relation to the character depicted in them, the ‘Check My Idol’ book is a more typical Kantoku doujin.

Next to Kantoku’s penchant for check patterns, this summer Comiket release is obviously idol themed. The book not only features Kantoku’s mascot characters Kurumi and Shizuku in full idol mode, but also contains art of the girls from “Love Live!”, “The iDOLM@STER” as well as various other idol characters.


Perhaps the inspiration for this idol themed doujin came from the ‘Tachiyoumi Senyou 36′ book which included an artwork of Miku and Riina from “The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls”?

Typical for all releases by Kantoku’s circle “Afterschool Of The 5th Year”, this just over twenty page doujin is mostly full color illustrations but ends with several pages filled with black & white line art sketches of works that appeared in other publications.


While I am foremost a “Love Live!” fan and do adore Kantoku’s illustration of the µ’s girls (especially Maki and Hanayo look adorable rendered in the artists typical style), must admit that my favorite image from this release is the one of Kurumi and Shizuku on stage.

Especially Kurumi looks irresistibly cute with that hairstyle so am glad to see Kantoku is drawing her more this way.


Next to anime characters, Kantoku also included anime styled illustrations of real life idols Mizuki Nana and Tamura Yukari.


If you are interested in purchasing Kantoku’s ‘Check My Idol′ doujin, you can acquire it from Toranoana.

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