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Ayuko in mint off-shoulder sweater from Purple Dream

September 4, 2015

Previously already shared photos of Ayuko as well as Sachiko in a keyhole turtleneck one-piece made by Purple Dream, had yet to showcase these photos on the blog of Ayuko clad in an off-shoulder sweater also purchased at that online shop.

Of the three available colors for this off-shoulder sweater, choose the mint color version as I wasn’t too keen on pink and already have similar one piece sweaters in white. Did not have Dollfie Dream outfits in this color yet so it adds some welcome variation.


Something I always appreciate on such long sleeved outfits is when the sleeves are long enough to provide ample cover of the wrist joints even when the doll’s arms are bent. Am no fan of long sleeved outfits where the sleeve is barely long enough to reach the wrist joint.

If I were to fault this outfit for anything, it would be that the actual cloth is thinner than expected, which can made dark undergarments slightly show through.


Made these photos of Ayuko posed on a simple green carpet from Ikea using indirect natural daylight from a top and side window, also used a silver reflector to bounce back some light onto her face.

The poses are of course meant to emphasize the Peach Pai M Plus aftermarket part installed.


You can see more Dollfie Dream photography on Flickr.

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