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Summertime Tsukiko

September 11, 2015

Still had these photos share of Tsukiko in a summer themed dress by Volks. Originally a Saber Alter version 2 white skin Dollfie Dream by Volks, slightly customized her look by installing different eyes from Hisyo-Hisyo and a Leekeworld Dark Champagne colored LR099 model wig.

Although I adored Tsukiko’s first look with the original Volks eyes and a blonde wig Leekeworld W024 wig, do love this different look for her too.

Summertime Tsukiko

Due its hue, the white skin body type made by Volks can be quite tricky to render well when photographed in specific lighting conditions, for instance the light of golden hour. Hence, am glad these photos of Tsukiko made late in the evening using the light of the setting sun came out well.

Summertime Tsukiko

The colors of this dress and cardigan made by Volks are a perfect match for Tsukiko’s pale skin hue and vibrant wig color, a shame though that the fit of the chest area is too loose on the M sized bust.

Luckily was able to use the included dark purple top, else the loose fit would have caused it to be unusable on an M bust sized Dollfie Dream. Nonetheless, this dress seems best for DD with larger sized bust pieces, it actually fits perfectly on Sachiko’s DDDy Peach Pai.

Summertime Tsukiko

You may have noticed my DD have their wig styled to have some hair follow the head side contour. This is purposely done for improved aesthetics, to frame their face better and even more so to create a more satisfactory look when the doll head is slanted, else the unnatural looking joint where the neck and head meet might be exposed.

Summertime Tsukiko

You can see more of my Dollfie Dream photography on Flickr.

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