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September 14, 2015

A fantasy anime based on the “オーバーロード” light novel series by Maruyama Kugane, had not considered watching the “Overlord” anime because its core plot of a player remaining trapped in the game’s virtual world has become rather common these days.

The show’s promotional illustrations emphasized its main cast of inhuman characters comprised of all sorts of demons, which lead me to believe it likely would not be very interesting. However, turns out that I was mistaken to write off this anime that easily.

A while ago, watched the first episode of “Overlord” on a whim and got hooked on the show. Having dismissed the plot synopsis of a player remaining trapped in the game world and setting out to conquer it as unoriginal and likely repetitive, I was pleasantly surprised at this franchise’s take on it.


Even though “Overlord” is but a decent anime overall that does not really push past boundaries or bring us anything truly novel, it is undeniably a solid fantasy anime that handles the story aspect of a human trapped inside a virtual world where he is a powerful, inhuman wielder of supreme magic quite well.

In fact, when comparing to other anime began to watch with much enthusiasm at the beginning of the season, have enjoyed this show more throughout all of its episodes that have aired so far, compared to several other series in which I have lost interest after their halfway mark.

The show touches lightly on deeper themes with its humans versus inhuman monsters element, but has not really delved much deeper into it which is a shame. I do wonder if the light novels spend more time on that aspect, as well as on Momonga’s psyche as I do enjoy the scenes where we get a look into his thoughts, especially when he ponders that being trapped in the game seems to make him less human each passing day.

If you enjoy fantasy anime or like stories about people living in an virtual game world similar to “Sword Art Online”, “Log Horizon” or “.hack”, then you will undoubtedly have fun watching “Overlord” too.
Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love a yandere fallen angel servant like Albedo?

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