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DDDy Peach Pai Shoulder Part ぴ〜ち☆パイの肩

September 18, 2015

Having taken the plunge last year and acquiring a Peach Pai M Plus for the DDII body I own, was tempted to purchase Peach Pai for my DDDy3 or DDS dolls too. Unfortunately, due to drastic design differences between the inner torso of Volks’ DDII type compared to the more recent DDS, DDIII and DDDy3 bodies, Peach Pai busts are not properly supported when installed on a DDS, DDIII or DDDy3.

Rajikaru had shared a hack of using a cut MDD bust as supporting plate underneath, but I was not overwhelmed with that solution when I tried it on Sachiko’s DDDy3 body as it restricted movement and created unsightly bulges on the back.

Luckily, Dollfie Dream comrade extraordinaire Wolfheinrich put his engineering skills to work in search of a proper solution and developed the DDDy Peach Pai Shoulder Part ぴ〜ち☆パイの肩, a custom part that is installed on the original inner torso, replacing the original shoulder part from Volks.
A beta trial version became available through Shapeways this week, so swiftly ordered some and the parts were already delivered today.


Immediately tested these custom parts on DDDy3 and on DDS. While the Volks inner torso is universal between DDDy3, DDIII and DDS, the DDDy Peach Pai Shoulder Parts are perfect for using Peach Pai on DDDy3 as the custom part perfectly aligns with the DDDy lower body plates. Offering support for the soft silicone of the Peach Pai bust at the shoulders, back and top of the chest, they create a much better look.

Unfortunately the DDDy Peach Pai Shoulder Part is -understandably- not ideal for DDS as the gap between the custom part and lower body plates is still too large. However, did try the MDD bust hack on DDS and for that body type it works well enough.

Being a different, softer material, this custom DDDy Peach Pai Shoulder Part should also mean less risk of getting a cracked inner shoulder which commonly occurs with Volks’ original part. One of parts in my Shapeways order did suffer from not having its inner shoulder properly drilled through, but that was quickly solved by filing the excess material away.

Dollfie Dream owners wanting to try Peach Pai on DDDy3 should consider this custom part.

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