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Sundress Sachiko

September 25, 2015

Here’s a few photos of Dollfie Dream Sachiko in the ‘Flower Lace Dress Set’ outfit made by Volks in their Tenshi no Sumika collection.

Have recently taken a liking to such sundress styled summer themed outfits for some of the DD in my collection, thought this particular set would suit Sachiko quite well considering her blond wig color.

Sundress Sachiko

Of course, the main reason first tried this outfit on Sachiko was to gauge its look on her DDDy body type equipped with a soft Peach Pai aftermarket bust part, which creates a rather enticing look.

This effect was due to the multiple strong elastic bands sown into the top part of the dress, do think this dress could look equally as good, perhaps even better on a DD with a default Volks solid bust piece. In fact, have since tried it on Tsukiko.

Sundress Sachiko

Although already have a few similar styled outfits for my DD, was interested in acquiring this particular outfit by Volks not only for the bright yet still sufficiently subdued flowery theme of the dress itself, but was very keen on getting the straw hat included in the set as it would be a convenient accessory to use with other outfits too.

Sundress Sachiko

The included short sleeved cardigan is a convenient addition too as the other cardigans I currently have are all long sleeved models, making this one ideal to create a relaxed off-shoulder look, camouflaging the elbow joint yet, still having a breezy, summer feeling to it.

Sundress Sachiko

Opted to photograph Sachiko in angles and poses that emphasized the key points of this dress’ look. Made all captures using indirect, natural light enhanced by the use of a silver reflector.
Did highlight her eyes when I processed the raw files in Adobe Lightroom so they would be more vibrant.

You can see more of my photography on Flickr.

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