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Akiko, memories of summer

October 14, 2015

Here’s some photos of Akiko clad in a sundress with knit vest originally acquired from Nine9Style.

Captured these images in late afternoon using the light of the setting sun filtered through Venetian blinds with Akiko posed in a spot that has terrific natural lighting this time of the year, if the weather is clear enough of course.


Although this year’s summer season is behind us, due to busy schedule was only able to spend time photographing my Dollfie Dream just recently when taking some days off from work, so these summer themed photos come a bit late.

Previously used this sundress on Ayuko whose DDII body features a Peach Pai M Plus aftermarket bust, which creates a different, more sexy look compared to how it looks here on Akiko’s DDS body with its more modest M bust.


However, judging these photos of Akiko, this dress does look fine on a Dollfie Dream equipped with a smaller bust too. Think it would suit an S or SS sized doll as well, so I may try it sometime on the S sized DDS unitorso part I recently purchased at Volks.


You can find more of my Dollfie Dream photography on Flickr.

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