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One Punch Man

October 30, 2015

Originally a webcomic, “ワンパンマン” previously received a manga remake and now gets the anime treatment. Looking at the autumn season line-up it was impossible to overlook this series, it was heavily advertised and fans were rather vocal with their enthusiasm about this anime adaptation.

Although am not especially a fan of the typical shounen anime or the hero genre overall, decided to watch “One Punch Man” and was pleasantly surprised to discover how excellent this hilarious superhero parody story is. In fact, this anime might become one of the better titles this fall season.

Full of action and epic battles, “One Punch Man” is a typical shounen hero anime in many aspects, yet it becomes much more and positively stands out thanks to its parody elements and its atypical lead character.


Like countless other protagonists seen in other franchises, Saitama is a powerful hero that saves the world on repeated occasions. However, much to his frustration he gets no recognition and even worse, no adversary or evil monster can offer him an even remotely interesting fight as he wins every battle with just a single punch.

This more unique take on the superhero genre, mixed with all the other more typical comedy, over-the-top villains and usual genre tropes make “One Punch Man” an good action show overflowing with adrenaline and hilarious buzzkills as Saitama ends every fight against increasingly powerful adversaries with one punch, leading to hilarious scenes.

Will definitely watch the rest of this anime and recommend it to all who enjoy superhero action or parody shows.

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