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Atsuko, memories of summer

November 6, 2015

Featuring the same location and lighting style as the photos previously shared of Akiko, here’s some summer themed photos of Atsuko clad in a halterneck once-piece dress with knit cardigan from Nine9Style.

Knew this halterneck dress would look good on Atsuko, its light red stripe pattern and white cardigan contrast nicely with her dark brown wig, plus it also works well to accentuate the lines of the Peach Pai M Plus.


Actually spent a few hours during several afternoons to photograph my Dollfie Dream in that particular spot as the natural light of the setting sun pouring in through the window blinds during that time of the year is too good to pass up on.

Still have some photos of Sachiko and Tsukiko shot in that setting with similar lighting to share someday soon as well. Am glad I spent some free time during that period to indulge in Dollfie Dream photography as lately the weather has been rather overcast.


Although am tempted to try and acquire new brown color eye sets from Tortei (Kari) or Hisyo Hisyo for Atsuko as their Dollfie Dream eye creations are simply gorgeous, am still satisfied with these custom eyes from Twin Snow (who seem no longer in business).


You can view more of my Dollfie Dream photos on Flickr.

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