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Hackadoll the Animation

November 13, 2015

After spotting some tweets online about “Hackadoll the Animation”, decided to give this comedy anime a try. Based on a smartphone news application, it features a group of underperfoming ‘hacka dolls’ who go on various adventures as personal entertainment AI’s but cannot seem to reach the level of excellence of their fellow dolls so hilarious hijinks ensue.

Made by studios Creators in Pack and Trigger, the production values are just alright to plain mediocre, with very basic animation and some scenes that have horrible aliasing. However, for a short running time comedy anime, am willing to overlook this if it provides decent humor and entertainment.


The main trio of hacka dolls are rather typical character templates, from the energetic leader, the busty older sister to the lazy flat-chested type, so don’t expect to see anything interesting in terms of character development. Yet, that classic trio works well enough for the typical anime comedy and gags.

Each episode has a stand-alone story and differs in terms of visual atmosphere and style, which does bring some variation. After having watched several episodes, my overall impression of “Hackadoll the Animation” is that while it is rather mediocre, its short running time of seven minutes per episode makes it worth to watch every week for a few simple laughs.

You can watch “Hackadoll the Animation” on Crunchyroll.

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