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Sachiko, memories of summer

November 16, 2015

Previously shared similar photos of Akiko and Atsuko clad in summer style dresses, now it’s Sachiko’s turn.

First tried this Volks dress and cardigan set on Tsukiko, while it looked good on her, its fit was unfortunately rather loose for an M bust size Dollfie Dream so was curious to try it on Sachiko’s DDDy body.


Am quite pleased with the result, I think this Volks dress is better suited for a Dollfie Dream with ample curves. Although it would no doubt look good on a doll with the default or shapely DDDy bust, it looks great with Peach Pai thanks to their more natural shape.

Having noticed with Atsuko and Tsukiko that such type of dresses can hang rather loose underneath the chest if there is no significant stretch band sown in, used a small trick to emphasize the shape by applying a rubber band just under the bust which pinches the dress against the body.


Initially wondered why Volks included this knit cardigan in the set but its color really complements the dress well and looks even better on a doll with a blonde wig hue like Sachiko.


You can view more Dollfie Dream photography on Flickr.

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