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Comet Lucifer

November 20, 2015

Saw some visuals of “Comet Lucifer” when it began to air and was intrigued by its more particular look for a fantasy mecha series. Not many mecha anime have such a design style, “Eureka Seven” comes to mind and to a lesser extent “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann” although the latter’s visual style was rougher.

One of the key elements for such tales to be a real success and deliver a great story is the setting, how well its fantasy world is built up. A unique world with alien backgrounds that convinces the viewer thanks to being a complete, believable design where all the pieces of the puzzle fit.

“Comet Lucifer” holds tremendous promise there, I quite like the its world design, from the cities that successfully merge a science-fiction, yet also classic look to the rock wastelands and vast underground caves. The mix of ridiculous but fun looking vehicles contrasting with the realistic design of the army mecha surprisingly doesn’t clash, but helps build this impression of a unique world where fantasy and science-fiction meet.


The first few episodes start with a classic plot and template characters, which no doubt most viewers can overlook. However, as the series progressed, felt let down by its lack of cohesion, too many events feel ill-paced and are too obviously intended to drive the plot, causing them to often feel off.

It doesn’t help that overall plot which is supposed to remain shrouded in mystery to generate suspense and make us curious, simply does not seem to fit in properly with the various characters’ actions. Far too many events and character decisions make little common sense. Then again, don’t many anime series have those same faults?

Those of you who like fantasy mecha with more unique styling may enjoy watching “Comet Lucifer” on Crunchyroll. Personally, I pick to watch “Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans” instead.

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