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Tsukiko, memories of summer

November 23, 2015

Now that the days have gotten colder here and winter nears, enjoy to reminisce on the warmer, leisurely late summer days got to spend snapping photos of my various Dollfie Dream, including Tsukiko, a Saber Alter doll by Volks.

For a change, opted for sitting poses and put Tsukiko on a simple green Hampen rug from Ikea to have a more colorful background, yet still one whose subdued green hue would not distract from the photographed subject.


Although care is always required when manipulating the doll’s body into such poses, the increased mobility Volks built into the newer generation Dollfie Dream bodies allows for more creative freedom in DD photography.

Previously clad Sachiko in this sundress and short sleeved cardigan, although this time I did omit the hat that comes included in the set.


Personally, think this sundress looks better on Tsukiko, even though Sachiko’s Peach Pai bust does help create a very enticing look compared to the default Volks bust.

Perhaps the best look could be achieved using the middle road, trying this ‘Flower Lace Dress Set’ by Volks on a Peach Pai M Plus equipped DD instead? Something I shall have to try next summer!


You can view more of my Dollfie Dream photography on Flickr.

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