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Ayuko, memories of summer

November 30, 2015

These are the last photos taken at the end of summer that I still had to share. As the month December is upon us, the hours of daylight have grown shorter and whenever the sun has been out these past days, was unfortunately still at work and only arrived home after sundown.

Hope to be able to snap some new photos of my Dollfie Dream soon. In the meantime, please enjoy these captures of Ayuko, a customized Neris head from Volks.


Had clad my other DD in sundress or similar breezy summer outfits, but for Ayuko opted for plain blue jeans and a sleeveless top. While it is suitably cute overall, was not that satisfied with how this particular Volks top looked on Ayuko so since switched to the Sparkling White Down Jacket set for winter.

Although I only got the Volks Dollfie Dream ‘paper’ option hand set earlier this year, have already used it on more numerous occasions than the ‘scissors’ option hands I acquired many years ago. It’s a nice set that I often find good use for.


Volks has been steadily releasing more option hand part sets in different poses and sizes, and while they did improve the smoothness of the installation process -which is an absolute nightmare on the older hand parts- am glad they recently made the hand internal frame available as a purchasable part.


Personally prefer to integrally switch the entire hand and hand internal frame to swap hands when posing a Dollfie Dream, much easier compared to fiddling around trying to install another hand on the hand internal frame. Hence, plan to pick up some extra hand internal frames for the various option hand sets I have.


You can view more Dollfie Dream photography on Flickr.

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