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Dagashi Kashi

January 9, 2016

Was keen on watching “Dagashi Kashi”, the anime based on the “だがしかし” manga by Kotoyama, because its plot synopsis and promotional video promised it would be a hilarious show.

Adored the first episode of “Dagashi Kashi”, was pleasantly surprised by this slapstick comedy that at first glance may seem like a leisurely slice-of-life comedy reminiscent of “Non Non Biyori” or “Barakamon” thanks to its similar enchanting setting of a small village in rural Japan.

Unlike those two anime though, “Dagashi Kashi” is no slice-of-life series but a slapstick comedy full of silliness fueled by a cast of oddball characters. Especially Hotaru steals the show, she is such a hoot! What also adds to the character and helps take Hotaru to the next level is Taketatsu Ayana’s excellent voice work.


While primarily a nonsensical comedy, “Dagashi Kashi” seems to have its fair share of typical shounen genre attributes, considering the overused ‘walking in on a girl changing’ scene or the apparent budding love triangle between Kokonotsu, Saya and Hotaru.

Animation by studio Feel is good, the studio manages to render the characters well, staying close to the design style from the manga, and balances well between detailed animation, carefully drawn facial expression and chibi or over-the-top effects for comedy scenes.

Based on this excellent first episode, am expecting great things of “Dagashi Kashi” and believe this will become one of the better anime this season. Those of you who enjoy comedy anime should definitely watch this show.

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