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Dollfie Dream wrist joint replacement part by Cool Cat

January 17, 2016

Although Volks has released a hand internal frame piece as a separately purchasable part, its limited in-stock availability and the expensive shipping from Volks prompted me to give the wrist joint from Cool Cat a try instead.

Cool Cat recently released their own Dollfie Dream wrist joint replacement part, decided to purchase a set considering I have been satisfied with their other custom parts such as the shoulder and hip fortification sheaths.


The hue of the normal skin color type of Cool Cat’s wrist joint is near identical to the original Volks skin color. Installation of hand parts on the wrist joint was quite easy and even after installing a hand part, use of the additional rotation motion goes smoothly.

As indicated on Cool Cat’s website and on the included note, initial fit of the wrist joint’s shaft into the arm may be tight, requiring either some lubrication or slightly sanding down the shaft. My set was indeed too tight so I opted to trim the shaft ever so slightly with some sandpaper.

Did a few passes using a coarse grit sandpaper and ended with a finer grit for a smoother finish that still retains some friction. It is prudent to regularly check and test fit while sanding the shaft to ensure you do not over-trim it.

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