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Ojisan to Marshmallow

January 23, 2016

A new anime based on the “おじさんとマシュマロ” manga by Otoi Rekomaru, “Ojisan to Marshmallow” is a workplace comedy about office worker Hige, an older man who can’t resist marshmallows, and his younger colleague Iori, who has a crush on him. Comedy hijinks ensue as Iori tries to win over Hige using his fondness for marshmallows.

There are not that many comedy anime that take place in a real world workplace setting, some I do recommend are “Servant x Service” and “Working!”. Had initially not intented to watch “Ojisan and Marshmallow”, but considering each episode is just under four minutes, it was worth to give it a try and am glad I did, because this silly workplace comedy is hilarious.


The contrast between portly, reserved Hige versus the younger, forward Iori who knows what she wants and assertively pursues her goal to conquer his heart, works well and the pair has good chemistry. The excellent voice work of Inada Tetsu as Hige and Kitamura Eri as Iori contributes greatly.

While the dialogue and comedy scenes of Iori and Hige’s antics are rather typical and classic, they nonetheless entertain, providing plenty of genuine laughter.

This winter anime season seems to be a good one for anime with short running time episodes, there’s several excellent comedies to watch next to “Ojisan to Marshmallow”, such as “Oshiete! Galko-chan”, “Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara” and “Ooya-san wa Shishunki!”.

You can watch “Ojisan to Marshmallow” on Crunchyroll.

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