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Winter gift

January 26, 2016

Wanted to make some winter season themed photos of Dollfie Dream Tsukiko, however we have not had much a snow filled landscape over here this winter that could have served as enchanting scenery. Save for a few days with freezing temperatures and a single day of snow that quickly melted away, winter has been mostly just gray, overcast days.

To try and convey a winter atmosphere, clad Tsukiko in a (faux) fur lined winter coat with a check pattern scarf and posed her in front of a white background.


In some of the photos, put a small gift wrap box in her hands as if she’s she’s presenting a gift. A Christmas gift, a Valentine’s Day gift? Who knows…

The check pattern scarf used is a bit wide and long, so folded it over and tied it similarly to one of the examples for scarf fashion published in the dollop magazine created by Dollfie Dream enthusiasts silinder, fino and ryou.


In some shots, used poses and angles that would emphasize the doll’s cuteness, such as moving Tsukiko’s head slightly off-center to not look straight at the camera, which helps create a more shy and cute look.


You can see more of my Dollfie Dream photography on Flickr.

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