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Active Raid

February 1, 2016

An original anime, “Active Raid” or “アクティヴレイド 機動強襲室第八係 ” is a science fiction action series that revolves around the shenanigans of an elite police unit that uses high tech exoskeletons to combat criminals equipped with power armors that cannot be stopped by regular police forces.

Facing lots of bureaucracy and political machinations, the work of this so-called elite unit is usually endangered by its own members whose clashing personalities and haphazard actions often cause more damage than they prevent.


Although the core plot sounds interesting and the overall animation was surprisingly decent, with well done 3D CGI effects, personally was not convinced by the first few episodes of “Active Raid” and as such, decided not to pick up this series.

While many of you may enjoy it and the show might have plenty of redeeming values, myself I just could not get into “Active Raid” due to its pacing and writing which both feel off, distracting me too much from truly enjoying this series.

When as a viewer you start to question too much what happens onscreen and suspension of disbelief breaks down, it becomes too hard to enjoy such a mecha style action anime.

You can watch “Active Raid” on Crunchyroll.

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