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Dimension W

February 5, 2016

Had not planned to pick up this new science fiction anime based on the “ディメンションW” manga by Iwahara Yuuji, but after reading positive comments about it online, decided to give this show a try and was pleasantly surprised by “Dimension W”.

Am not particularly a fan of series that require on a narrator to explain the world setting, but can overlook it when it helps to create a well formed plot setting and manages to make all essential plot items easily understood in its opening episode, which “Dimension W” manages to do.

Even better, the show successfully pulls the viewer in, offering us just enough to make its two main characters Mira and Kyouma likable and relatable respectively, while both still retain plenty of mystery. You soon begin to root for Mira and Kyouma, while being anxious to discover the mysteries their characters’ pasts hold.


While it may not be overly original or novel, the relationship between brooding, serious Kyouma and the expressive robot Mira, who believes herself to be human, works well and the pair has good chemistry.
Of course, the studios don’t hold back on hamming up Mira’s cuteness, which leads to plenty of fanservice.

Don’t expect “Dimension W” to offer anything novel or be an outstanding anime, instead it promises to be a solid watch that will join the ranks of good science fiction action anime set on a future earth, not unlike “Darker Than Black”, “Galilei Donna” or “Real Drive”.

Definitely recommend “Dimension W” to those who love science fiction action anime.

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