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February 22, 2016

Sometimes a particular outfit can suit a doll so well to your personal liking, you find yourself displaying it in that outfit more often, which is the case for Dollfie Dream Ayuko and the ‘Sparkling White Down Jacket’ clothing set.

A winter inspired set created by Volks in their Tenshi no Koromo clothing line, I adore its look on Ayuko, its mix of rose and gray colors along with the white jacket are a perfect fit for her.


Opted to display Ayuko in it again this winter and couldn’t resist snapping some new photos, even though previously already made captures of her in it. This time the place and lighting conditions were different though, so I hope that the resulting captures do have a sufficiently distinct vibe to them.


Used a silver reflector to bounce the light shining down from a skylight above back onto the doll and soften some of the shadows. Of course, tweaked the raw captures in Adobe Lightroom, including increasing the overall brightness and white levels to create a brighter resulting image.


You may notice these photos show Ayuko wearing a necklace accessory, it may be advisable to not let some metals or other elements exposed to the doll’s skin for long periods of time as they could stain the vinyl or silicone surface. Unless they are on top of clothing, I always remove such accessories when the dolls are on display and only install them for photo sessions.

You can see more Dollfie Dream photography on Flickr.

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