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Kantoku C89 omnibus ‘So-Kantoku’

February 29, 2016

A departure from Kantoku’s typical Comiket doujin releases, the renowned artist from the ‘Afterschool of the 5th Year’ circle released a new omnibus book titled ‘So-Kantoku’ at C89 that showcases illustrations that already appeared in other books.

Starting off with a few new illustrations, two thirds of the book contain full page color images that were featured in Kantoku’s previous Comiket doujin releases or other publications, the final third of book contains black & white line art and sketch style images.


An omnibus type book, it features little new work, but with a page count of well over a hundred pages it is much thicker than Kantoku’s usual doujin books, making it an interesting purchase for those who would like to collect some of Kantoku’s best work without acquiring a dozen different books.

Love below illustration, a collage of characters from different anime, some that date back to over a decade.
Sure, there’s characters like Rin from “Fate/stay Night”, Azusa from “K-ON!” and Yoko from “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann” which younger fans will no doubt know as they still appear in anime related media.
But characters like Mahoro from “Mahoromatic”, Naru from “Love Hina” or Tessa from “Full Metal Panic!”, it has been a while since those anime aired.


No Kantoku book is truly complete without some art of his mascot characters Shizuku and Kurumi, they’re such adorable cute girls and the design style and fashion Kantoku renders them with is always perfect.
Just look at their outfits’ matching colors, the detailed check pattern in their skirts or the stripe cloth pattern of Kurumi’s tie.


Absolutely adore Kantoku’s work and appreciate the artist includes pages with black & white line art, I especially like this page of sketches from “Working!!”.
Kantoku’s typical art style is perfect to drawn cute girls like Poplar and Mahiru. It makes me wish Kantoku would draw more “Working!!” illustrations in the future.


If you are interested in purchasing Kantoku’s ‘So-Kantoku’ book, you can acquire it from Toranoana.

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