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Sekkou Boys

March 9, 2016

An original anime projected by studio Liden Films, “Sekkou Boys” had slipped under my radar when I originally looked at the winter season line up. On a whim, watched the first episode a few days ago and was immediately hooked on this hilarious idol show parody.

In many ways, the core plot of “Sekkou Boys” tells you all you need to know about this absurd comedy. The show centers on a male idol unit and their manager, struggling to make the group a big name in the idol industry. Nothing exceptional there considering the recent popularity of idol anime… except for the fact that the four idols in “Sekkou Boys” are inanimate marble busts of Saint Giorgio, Medici, Hermes and Mars.

A ridiculous story premise that would make anyone wonder how they could possibly manage to create a hilarious comedy using statues as main characters, but as soon as you watch an episode you will get hooked on this terrific parody.


Considering anime often depends on its characters being able to make exaggerated facial expressions, Studio Liden Films’ work is to be commended as they successfully manage to imbue a lot of emotion and expression into the lifeless statues thanks to clever use of angles, lighting for the statues as well as excellent performances by the voice cast.

Even though an idol unit of four statues is plenty to provide non-stop laughter each episode, the real comedy star of the show is the group manager Ishimoto Miki. Her reactions are priceless, each episode tends to have one or more scenes where she steals the spotlight with her funny antics.

If you like silly comedies, then I definitely recommend you watch “Sekkou Boys”.
You can watch “Sekkou Boys” on Crunchyroll.

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