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The X-Files: The Truth Is Still Out There

March 16, 2016

A science-fiction television series that originally began airing over twenty years ago during my teenage years and concluded its ninth season just after I started my professional life, “The X-Files” has become a classic science-fiction show I fondly recall.

Among the television shows that aired here during my teenage years, for me “The X-Files” was a small revolution that redefined the quality of television series available to the public here. It brought intriguing subject matter, interesting conspiracy theories, suspense, and entertaining science-fiction.

Loved the first few seasons of “The X-Files” but was not that keen on the last few seasons, and always felt sorely disappointed by the lackluster anti-climactic finale of this great series, it deserved a better ending.


While this tenth season does make use of the (r)evolution that the Internet and social media have brought us, they also are quite tongue-in-cheek about it, no doubt the creators realize that “The X-Files” would not air today with the exact same stories and content it did so many years ago.

Read that many were not that impressed with this new season of “The X-Files” but personally I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the more comedy oriented stand-alone episodes that recreated the unique quirky science-fiction vibe of the original seasons and built on the terrific chemistry between Mulder & Scully.

Watching this new six-episode season of “The X-Files” made me feel quite nostalgic, noticed that not only did the actors and the characters they portray age, but so did I.
It has been sitting in the cabinet for some years already, feel temped to open my “The X-Files” DVD box set and watch the original nine seasons of this series again.

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