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Anime spring season 2016

April 1, 2016

The new anime season is here! About a dozen anime airing this spring have piqued my interest. There’s several shows that look like they will be right up my alley, others among those mentioned below I plan to sample the first few episodes to decide if they are worth watching.

Enjoyed the manga, so I will definitely watch the “Bakuon!!” anime adaptation which promises to be a fun comedy centered around the silly antics of a group of high school girls who bond over their love of motorcycles and their silly antics in the school’s motorcycle club.


Another manga that is getting the anime treatment this spring is “Flying Witch”, the promotional video for this slice-of-life comedy seems promising and featured an appealing design style. Hope that studio JC Staff will deliver a great slice-of-life show as I eagerly anticipate their work on “Amanchu!” this summer.

An anime short, simply can’t miss “Pan de Peace!” as this comedy four-panel manga inspired anime about a girl that loves eating bread and daily life with her friends in school seems too delicious of a slice-of-life show to pass up on. Wonder if its atmosphere will be akin to the bread baking scenes shown in “Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?”.

Only added “Kuma Miko” to my list of anime to watch this spring after coming across its promotional videos. Having glanced at the plot synopsis, was initially unsure about this show’s tale of a young girl and her bond with the talking bear that resides in the shrine she works at in a faraway mountain village. The promotional video suggests that it will be a fun, heartwarming comedy full of hilarious moments and over-the-top antics by silly characters though.

My picks for this season are nearly all slice-of-life genre anime, hence “Hai Furi” is also on my list. Although the plot suggests it could have science-fiction elements, am hoping it will primarily be a heart-warming slice-of-life anime about cute girls going about their daily lives.


Also known as “Unhappy”, the “Anne Happy♪” anime by Silver Link adapts a comedy manga about students who attend a school specifically for youths with bad karma. The promotional video suggests this show will be a hilarious slice-of-life school comedy about cute girls, with the added twist that they all suffer some sort of misfortune, from bad luck to fragile health or having no sense of direction. This show is guaranteed to provide plenty of comic relief.

Concluding the slice-of-life comedies on my weekly watch list is “Sansha Sanyou”, which looks like it will be a fun school comedy not unlike “Unhappy” or “Hai Furi”. Its story centers around the daily life of three girls who share the same kanji in their name, but their personalities and circumstances couldn’t be more different.

Although it is based on a slice-of-life comedy manga, I shall not throw in “Sakamoto desu ga?” with the above mentioned series as this show its plot and main character are radically different. This anime focuses on Sakamoto, a student whose dashing looks, genius intellect and overall awesomeness allow him to overcome every situation in an over-the-top but flawless manner. The promotional video suggests this show could absolutely hilarious.

There are a few action anime I’m interested in, including “Joker Game”, the anime adaptation of the mystery novel about spies in the World War II era. An anime original series, am keen to discover what style of mecha show studio PA Works will deliver with “Kuromukuro”.


I do not expect it to deliver the same suspense as “Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi”, but have high hopes for “Mayoiga”. Its story of thirty people embarking on a bus tour to a strange village that is the topic of an urban legend suggests it may offer plenty of mystery, perhaps even thrilling moments about odd, violent events in a small remote town, not unlike “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni”.

Some have lamented its resemblance to “Attack on Titan”, but personally am looking forward to Wit Studio’s original anime project “Koutetsujou no Kabaneri”. The promotional video showcased stunning visuals with a steampunk world design that seems like it may borrow visual elements that were more prominent in mainstream anime of the several decades ago.

While I may end up sampling or picking up other series, plan to limit my weekly anime viewing to these shows.

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