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Flying Witch

April 11, 2016

One of the new slice-of-life shows I was looking forward the most this spring season is the anime adaptation of the “ふらいんぐうぃっち” manga by Ishizuka Chihiro. After watching the opening episode am confident that “Flying Witch” will be one of the best anime to air this spring, and perhaps one of the more memorable slice-of-life shows of recent seasons.

The first episode of “Flying Witch” hits all the right notes and executes the typical formula to craft a lovely slice-of-life anime to perfection. From the very first scene, this anime excels thanks to a leisurely and relaxing pace, a gentle color palette, enchanting backgrounds of the Japanese countryside, endearing and lovable characters, and the ability to create a sense of something extraordinary being hidden in the ordinary experiences of everyday life.

While the character design style or animation are nothing remarkable, studio JC Staff delivers solid work befitting the manga’s original art style and the typical flavor of the slice-of-life genre. In fact, the studio enhances upon the original thanks to its wonderful rendition of the various backgrounds, from the rustic look of the traditional Japanese house, the quiet countryside village to the mountain scenery.


Although magic and witchcraft permeate this anime’s plot and events, its leisurely pace and endearing characters remind me more of soothing slice-of-life anime like “Non Non Biyori” or “Barakamon” instead of other series about magic wielders like “Mahou Tsukai Ni Taisetsu Na Koto”.

The very best slice-of-life series are those with lovable characters that shine and immediately conquer our hearts. “Flying Witch” is no different, even with this first episode alone, viewers will undoubtedly fall in love with kind but quaint Makoto, endearing Chinatsu whose reactions are simply priceless, and Nao, the perfect ‘straight man’ to Makoto’s silly antics.

Wholeheartedly recommend “Flying Witch” to all anime fans, especially those of you who like slice-of-life shows. Am eagerly looking forward to the rest of this series myself.
You can watch “Flying Witch” on Crunchyroll.

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