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April 15, 2016

One of the few action series that piqued my interest in the spring anime line-up was “Kuromukuro”. Advertised as an original anime project by PA Works to celebrate the studio’s 15th anniversary, hoped that “クロムクロ” would be a solid, refreshing, even daring mecha series that would reach the level of the best shows this studio previously created, like “Shirobako” or “Hanasaku Iroha”.

Unfortunately, the first two episodes of “Kuromukuro” failed to impress me. All its individual components from the characters, mecha designs, plot development and pacing, to the overall animation quality are simply average. Even the action driven plot twists it tries to inject in the opening episode are overused, typical science-fiction mecha genre tropes.

Suspension of disbelief is essential when watching any work of fiction, a sure sign that a series is failing to reel the viewer into the story for me is when I involuntarily begin to question everything that happens onscreen, be it characters’ dialogue and actions, or other events. This unfortunately prevented me from having a truly relaxing time and fully enjoying “Kuromukuro”.


The fact they try to include so many different things in the first episode while also keeping some key plot points a mystery, made it feel that too many of the things thrown at the audience are left unexplained, which risks adding to an unpleasant sense of confusion.

Although some might argue that “Kuromukuro” may still throw a few curve-balls or surprising plot twists along the way, this show is likely to be a typical, average mecha anime of which there are a dime a dozen. While it could still be a decent, even good anime, it’s probably not going to be for me.

Do not wish to sound too harsh about this anime either, there are plenty of similar mecha shows that are far worse. But personnaly decided to not continue watching this series as it airs, but will use that time to watch “Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge” instead.

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