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Computer hardware upgrades & replacements

May 2, 2016

Took advantage of the yearly sale at computer hardware store Tones to indulge myself and purchase a few new parts, including a Samsung 850 EVO 1TB SSD and an additional 8GB kit of Corsair DDR3 memory.

Although I have been running the operating system and applications from an SSD for years, this Samsung 1TB SSD will replace the Samsung HD103UJ model 1TB 7200rpm drive that stores core data including my documents, music and raw photo files. Combined with settings optimization and the additional memory, am hoping storing the raw photo captures on this SSD will help improve performance in Adobe Lightroom.


Noticed these past weeks that the cooling fans in my Antec P182 computer case began to exhibit annoying grinding noises when spinning up, so decided to acquire new Scythe Slip Stream models to replace the worn out Antec fans. Am rather keen on having a quiet computer, hence it was logical to opt for a brand like Noctua or Scythe who are known for their high-performance, silent cooling fans.

Removing the original case fans and installing these new Scythe fans was straightforward and near effortless. Even with the main components still installed, could easily access the fans to replace them. Although an older design, the Antec P182 computer case really is worth every penny I spent on it nearly a decade ago as it remains rock solid, its build quality is superb.

After tinkering with the hardware, took the opportunity to perform a clean installation of Microsoft Windows 10 as well to complete the ‘spring cleaning’.

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