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Tony’s Innocent Fairy Freesia arrives

May 4, 2016

Already have the lovely “Peace Keeper” Daisy and “Fairy Garden” Annabel figures in my humble collection, hence when Kotobuikya announced “Innocent Fairy” Freesia as the newest figure in their Tony’s Heroine Collection line-up just couldn’t resist.

This time though, decided not to order Freesia at KotoEU, Kotobukiya’s online store for direct sales to European customers, due to hefty custom fees that accompany EMS shipping. Placed an order at Hobby Search instead as they offered SAL shipping, such parcels aren’t often detained by customs compared to those shipped with EMS, and was lucky to have a beneficial Yen to Euro conversion.


Like Daisy and Annabel, Freesia is a terrific product crafted by Kotobukiya and an excellent adaptation of Tony Taka’s original art into figure form. I especially adore how each of the three fairies has a distinct color scheme and aura.

While Freesia seems to be a bit smaller overall than Dasiy and Annabel, she’s nearly as tall and her butterfly wings are roughly the same size, this makes it challenging to display her in a Detolf case alongside Daisy and Annabel without the figures in the back being hidden from sight. Will look into acquiring a transparent base to elevate the fairies posed in the rear.

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