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Dollfie Dream snapshots: Yoko -1-

May 13, 2016

A few photos of Dollfie Dream Yoko, clad in a knit vest from CoolCat and blue jeans from TTYA. Took advantage of the zipper on the knit vest and Yoko having a Peach Pai aftermarket part installed to go for a more daring look.

Lighting for these photos is the same set up I use most often, direct sunlight from late afternoon/evening as the sun starts to set, filtered through some blinds or curtains for a more dynamic effect. Did process the raw captures in Adobe Lightroom and tweaked several settings for a better end result.


Would like to upgrade Yoko’s original DDDy body with newer DDIII style arms, similarly to the upgrade performed quite some time ago on the DDII body that I still use for Ayuko. Although I do sometimes ponder if it would be a better approach to phase out that older DDII body and use its newer arms on Yoko instead.


While these TTYA jeans fit the Volks DDDy body type just fine, but they could use an additional button, hook or some velcro to secure the fly better as it tends to bend outwards or appear open due to the cloth being rather stiff.

You can see more photos of my Dollfie Dream on Flickr.

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