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New Amanchu! anime PV out

May 27, 2016

A new promotional video has been released to promote the upcoming anime adaption of Kozue Amano’s “あまんちゅ!” manga and it looks gorgeous.

When the first promotional video came out a while ago, was thrilled to see actual visuals for the “Amanchu!” anime, but this second promotional video really makes me excited as the anime promises to be a lovely, leisurely slice-of-life show much like “Aria”.


The atmosphere, colour palette, animation style and voice acting all seem to be spot on, a perfect fit for Kozue Amano’s enchanting story featuring endearing, lovable characters.
Compared to the first video, the character design style seems to be somewhat closer to the original designs seen in the manga, especially the facial expressions looked more convincing.

My expectations are high considering this second promotional video showcased several key scenes from the manga in animated form, and they looked absolutely stunning.
Can hardly wait for the anime summer season to be here and bring us “Amanchu!”, which will no doubt be a more than worthy successor to the terrific slice-of-life titles of this season, “Flying Witch” and “Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge”.

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