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Dollfie Dream snapshots: Kyouko -1-

June 3, 2016

Here’s a few photos of Dollfie Dream Kyouko in a black outfit, complete with black rimmed glasses. Always liked Kyouko’s look when clad in black, it’s a style that suits her well.

Got these particular black rimmed glasses from Dollmore, do realize they are a less realistic looking model due to the absence of actual lenses in the frame, but could not immediately find any models I liked that came with (plastic) lenses. Plus, these allow you to avoid unwanted reflections and they were inexpensive, which is something I do take into account for an accessory am likely to use only once or twice.


The outfit is a mix ‘n’ match of items purchased at different online stores, the top is from CoolCat, the jeans from Nine9Style while most accessories like the choker come from Dollmore.

To avoid it looking loose or baggy and instead achieve a more slim and form fitting look, pinched the black top together in the back and secured it with some tape. A simple but effective trick I learned from fellow Dollfie Dream enthusiasts.


Some types of black fabric like the type this black top is made of can be a nightmare for dust or similar particles, which tend to horribly stand out in resulting photos, hence I often use tape to remove such pesky specks of dust.

You can see more photos of my Dollfie Dream on Flickr.

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