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Girls und Panzer der Film OVA

June 6, 2016

Bundled with the BluRay/DVD release of “Girls und Panzer der Film” came a fifteen minute OVA that can best be labelled as a humorous epilogue of the movie as it takes place shortly after the events seen in the film.

Having won a desperate battle against the university senshadou team and its prodigy commander Arisa, the OVA shows the Ouarai girls back on their school ship where they welcome Arisa, who decided to visit them to experience what high school life is like.


Each Ouarai tank crew gets its own moment in the spotlight, although the most significant, heart-warming scenes are near the end of the episode when Arisa spends time with Miho and friends. Having bonded over their mutual love for ‘Boco’ the bear and senshadou, Arisa ultimately decides against joining Ouarai high school as she dreams of facing Miho in battle again.

The OVA boasts excellent production values, much like the movie and original series. Am glad the studio spent time to create and include this special episode, it is a fitting epilogue showing what happens after the girls’ victory in the movie.

It does make me long even more for a full second anime season though. Perhaps this is not such an impossible dream considering the success of “Girls und Panzer”. While similar shows like “Haifuri” have tried to emulate that success using a similar formula, they alas fall short of the level that “Girls und Panzer” has reached.

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