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New Game!

July 6, 2016

Am fond of workplace-centric anime comedies like “Servant x Service” and “Working!!”, hence was keen on checking out “New Game!”, the anime based on the “ニューゲーム”four-panel manga by Tokunou Shoutarou about young school graduate Aoba who takes her first steps into the working world, joining the company that created her favourite game.

There’s no doubt in my mind that I will love this show after watching the first episode, “New Game!” is set to provide excellent comic relief with its likeable cast of endearing, quirky girls. Although it seems to be different enough in terms of tone, comedy style compared to series like “Servant x Service”, “New Game!” too boasts a main cast of eccentric, peculiar characters that are simply a hoot to watch.

Much like the first episode of “Love Live! Sunshine!!”, thoroughly enjoyed the plethora of facial expressions by the various characters in this opening episode of “New Game!”, especially Aoba and shy-to-a-fault Hifumi were adorable.


Animation by studio Doga Kobo is good, the overall character design and animation style is a typical one often used, yet it seems to resemble the original manga designs close enough.

Do wonder if the absence of male characters suggests there might be shoujo-ai related character development coming up, or if the author opted to use only female characters just to appeal more to a specific audience.

Have not read the original manga, so am unfamiliar with how the story progresses and if there will be any hints of yuri, but am curious to find out. Will be more than pleased if “New Game!” just provides good comedy by showing these cute girls their workplace shenanigans, any yuri developments are not a necessity for me personally.

If you enjoyed workplace comedies like “Servant x Service”, “Shirobako”, “Hataraku Maou-sama!”or like slice-of-life comedies with cute girls, then you should definitely give this new summer anime a try.
You can watch “New Game!” on Crunchyroll.

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