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Dollfie Dream photo series: Yoko -1-

July 18, 2016

Must admit had forgotten to showcase this particular photo series of Dollfie Dream Yoko, though such more daring images of a rather scantily clad subject do fit the current summer heat.

This black long tie halter top from Cool Cat, which is actually intended to use as an undergarment, was perfect to showcase the curves and posability characteristics of the Peach Pai silicone bust part. The top being slightly see-through makes it even more suited for more sensual captures.


Posed Yoko on an imitation sheepskin rug from Ikea with a white painted brick wall as background, an ideal contrast to the black garment. The bight yellow eyes from Tortei (Kari) and fiery dark red LeekeWorld wig add plenty of colour and punch to the image.


Lighting used is natural indirect lighting from a top skylight, also bounced back some light on the subject by using a circular silver reflector. Although managed alright for some time with a self-made plain rectangular silver reflector, did purchase a simple collapsible circular reflector from Jinbei some time ago because it was offered at a real bargain price.


Was impressed with Yoko’s overall look when equipped with Peach Pai, hence opted to retire her original Volks DDDy body to storage and instead install a custom DDDy sized body using Yawashiri and Peach Pai from ラジカル. Will share photos of that soon.


A composition inspired from similar photos made by other Dollfie Dream enthusiasts, thought it still benign enough to try my hand at creating a similar capture.

You can see more of my Dollfie Dream photography on Flickr.

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