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The yuri game, New Game!’s Kou & Rin

July 27, 2016

ユリ妄想時間です~ The first “New Game!” ship is now firmly established after this week’s episode offered irresistible Kou & Rin moments.
Don’t be shocked Aoba! Embrace the beauty of their love… I know I do! Because Rin & Kou yuri shenanigans is ♥
妄想フェティッシュ! ああ、だめな人間私は…

The first episode of “New Game!” already hinted this anime adaptation by studio Doga Kobo of Tokunou Shoutarou’s yonkoma manga might contain yuri tinted scenes, the lack of male characters made clear any innuendo would by default come from its female cast.


Other workspace-centric comedies like “Servant x Service” and “Working!!” have proven that a cast with a healthy mix of male and female characters works perfectly well both for work-related shenanigans and silliness, as well as comedy focusing on suggested romantic pairings.

As a yuri aficionado, I do not regret that “New Game!” omits male characters and instead focuses on the girls’ interaction with plenty of silliness and innuendo between Kou & Rin. Wonder if we’ll get such hints of shoujo-ai or similar comedy moments between Shizuku & Umiko or Yun & Hajime in future episodes.

Let’s hope Rin will overcome her inhibitions and ‘attack’ Kou again next episode. うふふふふふ~
You can watch “New Game!” on Crunchyroll.

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