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July 29, 2016

An original net anime based on the “ももくり” web manga created by Kurose, “Momokuri” is a sweet romantic comedy about the hesitant first steps of Momo and Yuki into romance.

Was pleasantly surprised by “Momokuri”, which sets itself apart from other typical romantic school comedies by successfully combining a sweet, innocent atmosphere of the budding romance of two teens, and those main characters possessing quirky traits that provide plenty of laughs.

Many romantic comedy anime tend to lean towards the harem genre or foray into ecchi fanservice territory, “Momokuri” is a welcome change away from those because except for a handful of classic suggestive jokes, it is a sugar sweet anime. In fact, it reminded me of “Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~”, although can fathom some may find “Momokuri” too saccharine for their taste.


So far, “Momokuri” has been well-balanced and spot on with its abundance of sweetness involving these endearing love-struck characters their first romance, offset against both Momo and Yuki’s quirky character traits and silly shenanigans.

Especially Yuki’s character is surprisingly well-balanced between innocence, genuine care for Momo versus her continuously stalking him. This stalking is portrayed comically or in such a way it never comes off as actually offensive or bad. This delicate and well executed character balance reminds me of how Umaru from “Himouto! Umaru-chan” her character was done.

“Momokuri” will not be for all anime viewers or fans of typical romantic comedies as it may prove too saccharine or too naive for some. However, personally enjoyed it so far and found it to be a quite refreshing experience midst the continuous onslaught of harem or ecchi comedy anime.

You can watch “Momokuri” on Crunchyroll.

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