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Dollfie Dream snapshots: Yoko -2-

August 15, 2016

Some photos of Dollfie Dream Yoko clad in blue denim suspender shorts that I acquired earlier this year from Nine9Style, a look befitting hot summer days.

These are actually some of the first captures made of Yoko after switching her original DDDy body from Volks to a hybrid body assembled using Dy size Yawashiri and Peach Pai Plus created by Rajikaru with default DDIII parts.


The craftsmanship of these parts created by Rajikaru has been quite impressive so far. May still swap out the original Volks neck part for a aftermarket aluminium one from CoolCat for its increased mobility and the more convenient removal & installation of the head it offers.

Did test installing some of my other Dollfie Dream heads on this new shapely Dy style body, but it did not suit my custom DDH03 and DDH06 heads well, so opted to stick to using Yoko’s head for it. Might still try my custom Neris head on it for future photo opportunities though.


Also processed some photos made of Yoko in these suspender shorts into black and white images, you can view these on my Flickr photostream.

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  1. August 23, 2016 9:50 am

    Nice pictures ♥, “flap trousers” are actually very cute outfits, adding a certain nudity make it a bit hotter. So you received a Yawashiri recently? I really like this optional part ^o^.
    The aluminium neck from CoolCat is really good, more sturdy and it holds the poses better. I only shortened the horizontal scre to prevent damage on peach pai.

  2. August 23, 2016 7:41 pm

    The Yawashiri is lovely, though quite heavy and near impossible to make the doll balance on its own, so will be for specific photos and outfits only.
    Thanks for the tip on the CoolCat neck part, haven’t installed it yet as I wasn’t sure what to do about the screw. I’ll shorten it or try and use a shorter screw altogether.

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