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Nishizumi Miho Panzer Jacket version figure arrives

August 31, 2016

When Wave Corporation originally revealed their DreamTech 1/8 scale figure of Nishizumi Miho Panzer Jacket Ver, was actually quite keen on what promised to be an excellent “Girls und Panzer” figure.

Similar to Kotobukiya’s lovely rendition of Yukari, this Miho figure by Wave Corporation is clad in the girls’ typical tank battle attire which includes the signature jacket adorned with the anglerfish team emblem. Compared to other “Girls und Panzer” figures, especially appreciated that Wave Corporation crafted a stylish figure of Miho in a dynamic, energetic pose and looking radiant thanks to a cheerful smile.


Actually omitted to purchase this figure when it was first released, hence when reservations for a re-issue also seemed to fill quickly, could not resist to take advantage of the fact that Archonia still had one left in stock from the first production run and was offering it for sale at a nice discount.

A few clicks later had ordered the figure and she was swiftly delivered on my doorstep the very next day. When unpacking the figure was pleasantly surprised at the level of detail in the jacket and boots, a welcome surprise considering most figures from Wave Corporation tend to be rather plain, especially those in their Beach Queens line.

My only concern though is that she may start to lean over time considering her pose, luckily the peg that attaches the figure to the base is all-metal which may help prevent this.

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