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The hidden desires of New Game!’s Hifumi

September 5, 2016

ユリ妄想フルポワー! As if last week’s endearing scenes between Rin & Kou weren’t enough of a treat to trigger our yuri senses into more lovely delusions about these two, this week’s episode of “New Game!” focuses back on Hifumi and her flirtatious desires about Aoba.

Hifumi has previously been shown to be unable to resist Aoba’s endearing smile and wanting to befriend her cute colleague, but in the tenth episode this shy-to-a-fault girl revealed her true inner desires when she phantasized about being teased by Aoba. 


Loli demon Aoba-chan teasing and innocently toying with Hifumi? Surely that is what heaven must be like! ♥
I demand a full yuri doujin series now~
もう止まらない、青葉ちゃんのすてきな虐め~ この可愛くて小さな悪魔。天国です~

If you want to indulge in imagining silly yuri shenanigans from the most superficial hints or simply want to watch an excellent slice-of-life anime, then I recommend you check out the “New Game!” anime.
You can watch “New Game!” on Crunchyroll.

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