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You makes her move, the yuri love triangles in “Love Live! Sunshine!!”

September 12, 2016

Unwilling to let her beloved Chika be stolen away by Riko, You makes a bold move to conquer Chika’s heart!

At least, in her own inner fantasies she does… which we can only applaud, and we fully support her love!

From the first season of the original “Love Live!” anime, this franchise has excelled at providing fans with a penchant for subtle or suggestive yuri scenes that would have them fantasize and ship certain pairings, all through innocent yet quite effective innuendo.


While this formula is often blatantly used by many anime with sole purpose to pander to certain audiences and reel more viewers in, “Love Live!” is one of those franchises that manages to make it feel more authentic.

Interestingly, “Love Live! Sunshine!!” differs from the first “Love Live!” by using a triangular dynamic, making the interpersonal relationship of the three smaller groups of three girls more fluid and prone to different interpretations from fans as to which bonds are mere friendships and which girls may turn out to be more than friends.

The most difficult question for me remains though, do I ship Chika x Riko or Chika x You?
Why not both!?! 無限なユリ妄想~
You can watch “Love Live! Sunshine!!” on Crunchyroll.

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  1. September 16, 2016 5:13 pm

    Chika x Riko came a bit unexpected 😀
    I like You a bit more and the pairing feels more natural to me.
    Some stronger feelings of friends fit very good too Love Live! Sunshine’s other dynamic plot elements and subtle crazyness.

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