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Long Riders!

October 17, 2016

When girl meets bicycle~ Was interested in “Long Riders!” because it seemed like it could be an interesting cross between the more leisurely atmosphere and charm of “K-ON!” with some of the road trip or free riding spirit from “Bakuon!!”, but with bicycles instead of motorcycles of course. Must admit that’s also what I am hoping this anime will be.

While I was initially enthusiastic about “Bakuon!!”, as its story progressed felt let down by its absurd elements and wished it would have stayed true to its core themes in a more realistic and down to earth fashion instead of going for over-the-top silliness.

So far, “Long Riders!” seems right up my alley, looks like it might fulfil my expectations of providing a leisurely watch of an endearing young girl who finds herself pulled into and become passionate about cycling, joining a cycling club and making everlasting memories with the people she befriends there.


Am not familiar with the original “ろんぐらいだぁす! ” manga hence am unsure if the anime adaptation will really be like that but definitely enjoyed the first two episodes, everything in them suggests this will be a lighthearted, leisurely slice-of-life series about girls having fun in their university’s cycling club and the main character discovering her passion and overcoming the challenges that lie ahead.

Overall animation by studio Actas is unfortunately not stellar and there is visible variation in quality between scenes, some feature good animation with nice details and lighting, while other scenes are rather mediocre with obvious flaws or poor proportions. On top of that the scenes where characters are shown cycling done by CGI stick out like a sore thumb versus the regular animation.

A shame about the animation quality because this title does show promise for those fan of slice-of-life series in a school club setting like “K-ON!”, “Amanchu!”, “Bakuon!!” or “Girls und Panzer”. Still, am confident that while “Long Riders!” may not become an excellent or memorable show like “K-ON!”, it will easily surpass shows like “Bakuon!!”.

You can watch “Long Riders!” on Daisuki.

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