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Stella no Mahou

October 28, 2016

As a slice-of-life genre aficionado, was looking forward to “Stella no Mahou”, the anime adaptation by studio Silver Link of the “ステラのまほう” four-panel comedy manga by Cloba.U. From the plot synopsis to the visuals, was confident this new series would be the type of slice-of-life anime that I adore.

Enjoyed these first episodes of “Stella no Mahou” yet I must confess that alas am not entirely wowed by it. While I do tremendously enjoy this lovely slice-of-life series and would wholeheartedly recommend it, can’t help but think that the show is lacking something.

All the elements for a great slice-of-life series are present, each is properly executed and of good quality yet these elements combined together never seem to create something as soothing, magical or memorable like “Flying Witch” or “Tamayura”.


Studio Silver Link has already produced several excellent slice-of-life anime, luckily most of these shows hardly resemble each other, for instance “Non Non Biyori”, “Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge” and “Anne Happy” each have their own distinct animation style, look and atmosphere.

“Stella no Mahou” is instantly recognisable as a cute, fluffy slice-of-life anime with its bright pastel yet low contrast colours and is more reminiscent of shows like “Anne Happy”, although the character designs and atmosphere of these two shows are different. Although the animation may look rather simplistic at times, it is sufficiently good and perfect for this type of anime.

Even though it might not become as memorable as true gems like “Non Non Biyori”, “Aria”, “Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?”, “Flying Witch” or “Amanchu!”, am confident that “Stella no Mahou” will be a lovely, heartwarming and fluffy show that all viewers among you that enjoy slice-of-life or moe anime will definitely love.

You can watch “Stella no Mahou” as “Magic of Stella” on Daisuki.

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