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Akari Mizunashi figure by Wing available for preorder

November 4, 2016

Spotted tweets from Good Smile Company’s promotional account Guma as well as from Mélytan with news that a new scaled figure of Akari Mizunashi from “Aria” will open for preorder today November 4th 2016 with an expected actual release date around March 2017.
The figure itself is created by Wing and released by Good Smile Company who handles distribution for several manufacturers like Freeing, Max Factory, Aquamarine,…

Absolutely adore the pose they sculpted Akari in, with her skirt raised and boots in one hand while she dips her foot into the water. No doubt a pose inspired by the ‘Festa del Boccolo’ chapter where she heads into the city during the aqua alta, especially with the few roses floating on the water in the figure’s rather quaint base. Am a bit worried though since the base seems to take up so much of the figure’s actual height that Akari herself might turn out rather small.


The figure’s facial expression is close to Akari’s look in the manga, such a soft smile suits her personality best. A nice detail I do appreciate is how they integrated president Aria into the figure’s overall pose instead of having the mascot cat as a loose accessory or omitting him altogether. Will definitely purchase this new “Aria” figure.

You can preorder this figure of Akari Mizunashi from “Aria” starting today directly at the Goodsmile Online Shop or from other trustworthy online stores like JList, Hobby Search or AmiAmi.

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