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Kantoku C91 doujin ‘Confession of Love Picture Book′

January 3, 2017

During last weekend’s Comiket 91 event, one my favourite artists, Kantoku released the ‘Confession of Love Picture Book’ doujin.

A departure from the more typical doujin publications of Kantoku’s circle ‘Afterschool of the 5th Year’, this publication is not a ‘Check’ styled book or a ‘Tachiyoumi’ type volume but an illustration book similar to the C87 release ‘Colors‘.


Even though it has the usual 24 page count and contains a few pages of black & white line art at the end, the large illustrations composed in landscape orientation focusing on the image’s subject accompanied by a rich, detailed background and exquisite lighting do set it apart from Kantoku’s usual doujin books.


An excellent example of Kantoku’s terrific use of light and shadow as well as clever composition, adore this illustration of Shizuku in a Ferris wheel cabin where she sits with her eyes closed, as if waiting for a kiss.
Although she is entirely rendered in the shadows with the background scenery set in bright contrast, Shizuku is nonetheless the centrepiece and all attention is drawn to her.


This book’s theme being centred around love or romantic confessions, each illustration represents a different romance related event with the characters showcasing plenty of emotion, from a romantic date to giving as well as receiving a confession of love.
Or in the above image of Shizuku, a tearful goodbye or desperate confession during the graduation ceremony?


Am glad Kantoku included a cute illustration of his latest mascot girls Akemi & Himeru, they’re irresistibly cute. While this new image of the twins is more benign, I didn’t mind the suggestive art from earlier publications that featured these girls clad only in their underwear.

You can purchase Kantoku’s ‘Confession of Love Picture Book’ online at Toranoana.

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