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Nyanko Days

January 30, 2017

The anime short format yielded some great shows these past years, series like “Yama no Susume” or “Aiura”, was disappointed to see this winter season line-up did not seem to have any real promising shows among the anime with a short running time.

Nonetheless decided to give anime short “Nyanko Days” a try anyway, hoping it might be a cute slice-of-life show. “Nyanko Days” adapts the “にゃんこデイズ” four-panel manga by Tarabanagi and is all about young high school girl Tomoko and her three cats, with the gimmick that the cats are actually chibi girls featuring cat ears and tail.


Considering one cannot go wrong with cat girls, was confident I would like “Nyanko Days” but after watching the first few episodes have to admit that the show does not really appeal to me. While the production values by studio EMT Squared are good enough, and the overall premise is as moe as one would expect, overall the show simply doesn’t work for me.

It lacks the cleverness, cuteness or rapid-fire humour that other short running time anime that previously aired have demonstrated. While each of its individual elements is decent, they do not come together as a whole package that makes it stand out enough to be truly entertaining or enticing me to watch more of it.

While this cute anime with its two minute short episodes may be a fun watch for many fans, it may not live up to everyone’s expectations.
You can watch “Nyanko Days” on Crunchyroll.

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