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Urara Meirochou

February 6, 2017

After being disappointed by “Seiren” and consequently dropping that series, started watching “Urara Meirochou”, the anime adaptation of the “うらら迷路帖” four-panel supernatural comedy manga by Harikamo.

Was pleasantly surprised by “Urara Meirochou”, got immediately hooked on this cute show all about a group of moe girls who study to become fortune tellers in a world filled with the supernatural. Being a fan of slice-of-life anime like “Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu Ka?” whose core and main purpose is to showcase cute girls go about their idyllic everyday lives, with enough yuri innuendo to spice things up, this show is right up my alley.

Although some scenes suggest that there may be a few more serious subplots in store for future episodes, the overall tone remains lighthearted and the challenges the girls face as they discover the world of fortune telling are never dramatic, it all has a positive and heartwarming atmosphere. Even the yuri innuendo and fanservice remain rather benign.


Even though it features plenty of supernatural genre elements with its focus on fortune-telling and divination, as well as references to deities and folklore, “Urara Meirochou” does not seem to offer anything truly original as the comedy and yuri tinted shenanigans are all things we’ve seen before in other series. Even the character designs too almost feel like carbon copies of characters from other franchises.

Luckily, “Urara Meirochou” has solid production values and provides good entertainment, making it well worth the watch for fans looking for a fun, unpretentious anime of cute girls doing cute things.

While not as stellar as memorable series like “Aria”, “Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu Ka?” or “Kiniro Mosaic”, “Urara Meirochou” offers viewers an excellent slice-of-life show filled with moe girls.
You can watch “Urara Meirochou” on The Anime Network.

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